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MIL-HDBK-1823, 2007 update
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Statistical Hot Links
Places to go for statistical information.

The ubiquitous histogram doesn't always tell the story as clearly as it seems to.

Bayes's Theorem
Venn diagrams illustrate conditional probabilities.

Workshops in StatisticalEngineering


atwork.gif (2062 bytes) I'm still retooling this website.  Please be patient.

Statistical Factoids

Probability and Statistics ...
... are not one and the same. The differences are not nuanced. They are Apples and Oranges.
Reading List
I am often asked to recommend a "good statistics text." Here are a few that I refer to often.
R-squared ...
... is an often misused goodness-of-fit metric, where bigger isn't always better.
Other Measures
   R-squared isn't the only way to judge how well the model works.
Curse of Dimensionality
   Direct-sampling Monte Carlo requires the number of samples per variable to increase exponentially with the number of variables to maintain a given level of accuracy.
convergence in distribution
   We engineers are familiar with convergence to a point, but what of convergence to a distribution?
extreme value distributions
   The largest, or smallest, observation in a sample has one of three possible distributions.  This is another example of "convergence in distribution."
Joint, Marginal, and Conditional Probability
   We engineers often play fast and loose with joint, marginal, and conditional probabilities - to our detriment.


     When the correlation between two variables is zero, they're not realted.   Right?  Wrong!


     Often infuriating, these can be very informative too.

Wrong Grid?

     Choose wisely - to avoid embarrassment.

Bayesian Thinking

... including an example from NDE
InterOcular Trauma Test
   Sometimes the best Goodness-of-Fit test is the easiest.
Central Limit Theorem
   Why is the Average of nearly anything always Normal ?
Bayesian Updating
   We use Bayesian Statistics every day without knowing it.
Sums of Random Variables
   Sometimes you need to know the distribution of some combination of things.  Here's an example.
Distributional Inter-relationships
   There are myriad probability distributions.  But did you know that most are related to one another, and ultimately related to the Normal?
   We engineers often use a statistical distribution without checking to see if it's doing a good job.  Here's how to fix that.
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