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Random Thoughts

Randomness isn't haphazard and its underlying order can be quantified using Statistical Engineering methods. Whereas deterministic engineering seeks to answer a question with a single number, assumed to occur with certitude, probabilistic methods provide a range of likely answers, plus a statement on the probability of a given result



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Nothing to it.  Just multiply the probabilities, right?

Generalized Linear Models
on a P/C spreadsheet

How do you analyze data with a binary (yes/no) response?

Six Nines (99.9999%) Reliability ...

How believable is "one in a million?"

FORM/SORM & g-functions

How Reliable are First Order and Second Order Reliability Methods?   (answer: scary)


We engineers often use a statistical distribution without checking to see if it's doing a good job.  Here's how to fix that.

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