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How to get, install, and use the mh1823 POD Software,

... for Windows users

(Please read all the instructions before continuing.)

First, get things ready:

  1. Create a folder called R-Projects in your My Documents folder.
  2. In that folder create a subfolder named mh1823 POD
  3. Next, send me an e-mail request for the mh1823 POD package and example datasets.  (I try to respond as soon as the request arrives.)

    Save the MIL-HDBK-1823 POD file to your mh1823 POD folder and unzip it. This will produce the 1823 POD icon, 6 example EXCEL files, and another zip file.  Do not unzip that file (currently

The rest is easy:

Since the mh1823 POD algorithms use R for all data manipulation, statistical analysis, and graphics ...

  1. Download and install R.   Click here.
  2. Then install the mh1823 POD software which is an R package and is included in the MIL-HDBK-1823 POD files.zipfile.  Click here.

Note on firewalls:

Please send bug reports, comments, and suggestions to me: