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How to get, install, and use the mh1823 POD Software,

... for Macintosh users

(Please read all the instructions before continuing.)

First, get things ready:

Since the mh1823 POD algorithms use R for all data manipulation, statistical analysis, and graphics ...

  1. Download and install R from
  2. Download and install XQuartz-2.7.9.dmg that R uses for graphics on Macs (
  3. Download and install javaforosx.dmg for Java support of R packages (Google it)
  4. Next, send me an e-mail
  5. request for the mh1823 POD package and example datasets.  (I try to respond as soon as the request arrives.)

The rest is easy:

Using the Finder, Documents menu, create a new folder called R-Projects.

  1. Rename the attached file from ngzip to .zip, and unzip it in your R-Projects folder. That will create a folder called "mh11823 v5.2.1 STANDARD.  DO NOT UNZIP the zip file or the tarball within. R will do that.
  2. Move the mh1823_5.2.1.tar.gz tarball to the R-Projects folder.

Start R from the Macintosh Finder, Applications menu, invoke R.

Now you have everything set up. To run a package you must first load it.

Now you are ready to work through the Example Datasets. (Please do that.)

I am very (very) new to Mac (I used a 6 year old borrowed laptop to check this out) so I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, concerning the Mac setup. Mac user tips would be useful too, if you have any.

Note on firewalls:

Please send bug reports, comments, and suggestions to me: