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"Nondestructive Evaluation System
Reliability Assessment"

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This two-day POD short course is based on the new (2009) MIL-HDBK-1823A "Nondestructive Evaluation System Reliability Assessment" and uses the all new mh1823 POD software.

The training provides the latest methods for measuring your NDE system's effectiveness as measured by Probability of Detection (POD), and the course will use these state-of-the-art techniques to analyze enterprise data.

Course layout is reverse-chronological – we discuss the analysis before we discuss how to design the experiment to produce the results we are analyzing.

N E W: 2017 Workshop Addendum

We will work through examples using real data, and time will be allocated for analyzing your enterprise-specific problems.

The usual class size is 20 participants (35 max) and, in addition to the classroom presentations, includes the following items for each participant:

Course Content Details – Day One:

40 Years of Quantitative POD History (Understanding how we got here.)

Probability and Confidence

How to install the mh1823 POD software and Workshop Addendum software

This short-course comes with a self-contained CD with R installed along with the necessary ancillary R routines, the installed mh1823 POD software, and the example datasets – everything. You put the CD in the drive, make a desktop icon and you’re up and running in 30 seconds. If you already made the icon, put the CD in the drive and click the icon and you're running in 5 seconds. (We will, for completeness, spend some class time to demonstrate how to install R from the internet, and then how to install the mh1823 POD package.)

How to analyze ‚ vs. a data