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Grand Canyon 2004


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Grand Canyon visit,
June 2004

Chuck, Allan, Jim, and Al, at Zion before the Trans-Canyon Trek

One old jackass listening to another.

Four intrepid trans-canyon trekkers at the North Kaibab trailhead.

Looking down on the North Kaibab Trail.
You can follow the trail with your eye
nearly to the top of the photograph.

Canyon Charlie, descending North Kaibab Trail June, 2004


Roaring Springs

Indian Garden from the Tonto Plateau.

Another look at Indian Garden and the Bright Angel Canyon.

Ascending the Bright Angel Trail.

Waterfall along the Bright Angel Trial, below Indian Garden.

Looking down from the South Rim on Indian Garden, Plateau Point, and the North Kaibab Trail across the Colorado river beyond.


Al and Chuck, upon returning to the North Rim, June '04


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