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Excel's Checkered Statistical Past



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ExcelTM is a wonderful tool for many things.  Statistics is not among them.

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Perhaps surprising to engineers, Excel's lackluster performance as a statistics engine has been well-documented by practicing statisticians for more than a decade.

Engineers use Excel for many numerical tasks.  They don't use if for finite element computations (although I suppose you could coax Excel to do that too) because it wasn't intended for that purpose.  They shouldn't use it for statistics either, and for the same reason - Excel doesn't do a very good job at tasks for which it was not intended. 

For statistics there is R logo, which in addition to being the best software for applied statistics available anywhere, at any price, is FREE.  There is another reason not to use Excel for statistics - it is statistically unreliable.  Here are some documented examples:






Don't use Excel for statistical calculations if you require a credible result.  Use R (or JMP, Minitab, SAS, SPSS, S-Plus, Stata, ... all of which have substantial licensing fees - R is free).